Who Are The Stewards

We are a mastermind group. We hold ourselves accountable & support each other to build wealth and impact our communities consistently with knowledge, skill and diligence.

  • Real Estate Investments
  • Stock Market Investments
  • Business Organizations
  • Non Profit Organizations

The Parable Of The Talent (Matt 25:14-30)
(Skill + Diligence = Abundant Wealth & Impact)


  • Grow Your Wealth Every Quarter
  • Achieve Financial Freedom
  • Enjoy A Comfortable & Relaxed Life
  • Spend Time Doing What You Love Most
  • Impact & Influence Your Community


  • Coaching To Set SMART Wealth Goals
  • Access To Wealth Building Knowledge Materials
  • Access To Implementation Templates
  • Review & Fine-Tune Your Personal Progress


  • Periodic Group Zoom Meetings
  • Challenging Group SMART Chats
  • Personal Phone Review Of Your SMART Goals 

The Scope Of What We Do

Change Your Mindset

  • Change Your Current Mindset To A Wealth Building Mindset
  • Understand How Wealth Accumulates and Multiples
  • Know The Difference Between Affluence and Wealth

Plan Your Resources

  • Time Plan (time to learn and act)
  • Capital Plan (savings & credit)
  • Knowledge Plan (what, why & how to….)

Earn Active Income (Flourish In Work & Business)

  • Excel At Work
  • Start A Business/Non Profit
  • Grow Your Business

Develop Passive Income (Invest, Compound, Diversify)

  • Index Funds, Stocks, Stock Options
  • Home Ownership and Investment Properties
  • Own A Business System

Consolidate & Distribute Wealth

  • Asset Protection
  • Joint Ownerships
  • Living Trust
  • Will

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