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360 Personal Finance Foundation – Master Class

  • It is called 360 because it covers everything like a complete circle which is 360 degrees
  • It is called Foundation because everything else is built on this knowledge  like the foundation of a house
  • It is called a Master Class because the content is life transforming, the direction of your finances will change

It lays the foundation knowledge for you to build wealth, manage wealth and distribute wealth.

The best way to use this content is to listen to the presentations sequentially. The knowledge from each presentation, helps you better appreciate subsequent topics.

However if you are already familiar with all the topics, you can also use this as a reference and refresher source and jump straight to the topic of your choice.

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Your 15 Point Personal Finance Checkup

Similar To an Annual Medical Checkup
Do This Every Year To Identify Your Weak Points To Work On

A Step By Step Financial Freedom Checkup List – What You Need To Know And Do – 38m

Excerpts From The 360 Personal Finance Master Class

1. Ancient Wisdom About Wealth That Still Applies Today

What do the scriptures teach about wealth?

This is presented from a biblical perspective but the truths apply to all ancient scriptures and faiths.

2. What Is The Million Dollar Mindset?
3. What Exactly Is Financial Freedom?
4. How Does Wealth Multiply?
5. How Do You Grow Your Credit Score?
6. How Do You Eliminate Your Debts? 
7. Why Buying A Home Is Critical?
8. What Is The Summary Checklist?