Par might have been appropriated because of the public actions, we always work on the fresh new communities having fun with you to definitely strategy

Par might have been appropriated because of the public actions, we always work on the fresh new communities having fun with you to definitely strategy

“We have to end up being notice-important. I have maybe not learned about Level, but in routine we now have constantly put their actions and you will approach, therefore usually mention that which we create because Level … .. I have not analyzed they, however, we all know out-of compas [comrades] that … and is throughout the a dialogue of the teachers towards the groups … was basically the latest stress is placed as to what the community recommends” (Posada, n.d.).

Another type of of your own scientists claims one to Level has been engrossed just like the a standard arsenal from practices that is consciously utilized and also get to be the widespread way to work on organizations:

“We are employed in a topic-to-subject matchmaking, I mean, despite the reality we were powering the method, we made an effort to always maintain an open area regarding lateral telecommunications, one of equals, perhaps not a straight model in which we might were the fresh new spokespeople and also the area mere readers. In that way, a portion of the players in this processes have been the groups and us” (Torres, n.d.).

Then class was split up into less organizations to allow conversation for example they work till the go out finishes

Used, but not, applying a par enterprise is sometimes full with difficulties and you will tensions. So you can gauge the genuine habit of Par from the perspective regarding agrarian movements inside the Colombia today, we are going to focus on the functions done in one or two municipalities, Pradera and you may Tulua, that are an element of the ZRC project.

The theory is that, this really is all pretty simple

Typically, so you can do the look, your local part of one’s agrarian commitment would phone call every one of the latest neighbors for the good corregimiento to own a conference for the a certain day. Conferences tend to continue for a complete big date, for different causes: people need to walk a lot of time distances, often times, to make it to the newest hall or even the location the spot where the conference try going on. And, because of the very characteristics of the work with the fresh new countryside, where style of employment can go into the all day long, whenever one takes a morning of, otherwise a couple of hours actually, this may be setting through the day are forgotten plus one enjoys so you’re able to re-plan the new day-after-day tasks for the next time. Usually, brand new group meetings was organised having one inclusion from the people in the brand new commitment additionally the regional activist, whom give an explanation for need for the task are complete and you may upcoming proceed to establish the latest members of the study cluster, which then give an explanation for methodology for usage at the time. In the middle, there is certainly a rest to own poultry otherwise chicken soup (sancocho) and also to drink a great murky-colored take in centered on boiled unrefined sugar (agua de- panela). This is actually expected as the people will feel employed by the new whole day and additionally they are unable to go back home for lunch. And, this type of ventures are not just spaces to own political empowerment and you can shared reflection, they are also important socialising items regarding longevity of the fresh neighborhood.

New strategy regarding the variety of look is dependent in the play with out-of social cartography coupled with unlock and you can semi-organized inquiries for the groups of people. New personal cartography in it asking town to explain the territorial place of your own corregimiento looking at about three size hence necessary to-be graphically depicted: socio-less expensive, environmental and you may effective. For this task, various sub-communities got a huge empty paper and this merely had earliest activities out-of source: the fresh limits of the corregimiento, an effective hamlet (caserio), a central river and you may a central roadway. In a number of times, this new blank paper with situations of reference was seen as difficult to work with from the players, just who turned the paper to begin their personal cartography off scratch.

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