COVID-19 Relief – Workforce Development/Paid Internship Opportunity

Workforce Training For Better Jobs In The New Economy

Have You Heard Of The 4th Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0)?

COVID-19 Pandemic brought the spotlight to Industry 4.0

The COVID-19 Pandemic has created high levels of unemployment. Many people are not able to get their previous jobs back. However new opportunities are emerging with industry 4.0 that require remote work skills. What this means is that many people need to develop new skills that position them well for the new economy.

This workforce training program is designed to help you acquire skills that will be relevant in the new economy, to support executives, lead teams and work remotely. It includes training and internship.

The Training Topics covered in the training include: Industry 4.0, Office Productivity, Project Management, Operations Management, etc.

Internship Opportunities: Participants will have opportunities to get work experience and improve their profile through limited and competitive internships with various organizations.

The start date for the first cohort is Monday Nov 15, 2020, new applications are still being accepted.

To apply for admission into the program, please fill out the form  and an associate  will get in touch with you.

COVID-19 Work Force Development Request Form